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Angel eyes for BMW

Angel eyes for BMW

Most of the older BMWs that have angel eyes also have a yellowish tint from the bulb installed. With our updates, you can update your angel eyes and get a cold white light that matches your xenon lamps. We also stock RGB-models, so you yourself can choose what colour you want your eyes to glow with.  Note that the only legal colour you can use on the road on the front is white and yellow.

All our angel eyes are sold in pairs which is enough for four rings, that is, one set is used per car.

To be completely sure of what your BMW needs, please look in your manual or compare the existing lamp with the pictures on our site.

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H8 fits: Mod 1 fits: Mod 2 fits:
1-series E90 Sedan (M3) 2008- 1-series E87/E82/E88 2004-2007 3-series E90/E91 2006-
3-series E92 Coupé/E93 Cab 2009- LCi 5-series E39 2001-2003      
  E92 Coupé/E93 Cab 2007-   E60/E61 2002-2006      
  E92 M3 2008- 6-series E63/E64 2004-2007      


2008-10 LCi 7-series E65/E66 2002-2007      
6-series E63/E67 2007- (M6 08-) X3 E83 2007-      
7-series F01/F02 2008- X5 E53 2004-2006      
X1 E54 2008-            
X5 E70 2007-            
X6 E71 2008-            
Z4 E89 2009            


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