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Facts about xenon


Facts about xenon light

Xenon and bi-xenon (HID)

HID stands for  "high-intensity discharge". This is a technical term for an electric arc and that discharge that exist in an arc-lamp. For cars and trucks, the HID-lamps are mostly called xenon or bi-xenon (same xenon-bulb for both high- and low beam) because the bulbs are filled with xenon gas. Xenon gas is used because it's a gas that's relatively quickly recheas it's optimal operating temperature. Another gas that's commonly used is argon. However, this gas is mostly used for street lamps and requires several minutes before it's optimal temperature is reached. 


Light intensity

Xenon bulbs gives up to four times as much light as a regular incandescent bulb with the same power consumption. Xenon bulbs comes in a range of colours, from 3000K (yellow) to 8000K (blue-ish) and more. We only carry bulbs in the street legal colours, 4300K (white) and 6000K (white with a hint of blue).


Choosing the right bulb (conversion)

When you're converting your car from halogen bulbs to xenon bulbs, you need to consider the following:

  • Start with figuring out what lamp socket your car has (If you're converting your dipped beam and your car is using H1 or H7 socket, it's important that you figure out if your lamp is equipped with an open reflector or a lens. If it's an open reflector, you need to use the H1R or H7R to avoid blinding oncoming traffic).
  • If you want your car and conversion to be street legal, your lamp will need high pressure wash and automatic height adjustment for your dipped beam. If you only want to convert your high beam, you don't need any of those features (Other rules may apply outside of Sweden)
  • If your car warns you about a broken bulb, you need to pick a CANBUS-kit.



European vehicles with xenon bulbs shall (according to ECE 48) be equipped with approved high pressure washers and automatic height regulators. This is to ensure that oncoming traffic isn't blinded by the powerful xenon light. The swedish vehicle inspection does not approve after market xenon conversion kits placed on low beam or fog lights. Some cars  (Volvo V70/XC70/S60/S80 -05 -06 -07, and Volkswagen, Passat fr o m-04) utilizes the same lamp for both halogen bulbs and xenon bulbs, which makes after market conversion passable. Diodhuset, however, does not take any responsibility for ensuring that your car passes the inspection.



Xenonbulbs with socket D1R, D1S, D2R, D2S and 9500 contains quicksilver. These lamps shall always be turned into a recycle center. Newer types of xenon bulbs (D3R, D3S, D4R, och D4S) does not contain quicksilver. Unfortunately, the newer ones cannot replace the older bulbs because the lamps are not made for the newer models.


Colour temperatures (illustrations)

Färgtemperatur hos xenonlampor